Waking up…

Rebecca, here.

I am awake and there will be more to come soon.  There is a lot to catch up on.

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Part 2: Entry 5 Progress is Happening…Just Not Fast Enough

Mel, here.

My life is not working.  I am trying to hold onto all of the pieces but they just keep breaking into smaller and smaller pieces.  When I try to put them together they do not make a cohesive whole.  They are a mess.  Like me.

Luke is really losing patience with me.  He says that my obsession with finding my father is blinding me to everything else.  Yadda yadda yadda…I think he is being selfish — if it doesn’t have to do with him he isn’t interested.  Whatever…

And yet…I think of Luke still.  I am not ready to give up on him yet.  He is kind and caring.  And brave…and I know I have mentioned those eyelashes…  He makes me melt a bit.  Oh, who knows…

What else is new.  Well, for one thing I am on a laptop.  Luke gave it to me.  I have been under more and more scrutiny at work – so I need to be careful.  It seems the staff are all becoming another tentacle for Emery.  They watch me.  They study me.  I am nearly never alone.  Rebecca and I are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate at work.  We have a few meeting places and we try to time our breaks so we at least get a few minutes together.  That is when we are on the same shift.  Rebecca’s shift has been changing so frequently, I don’t think she is getting a good night’s sleep.  The frequent shift changes and being haunted by Spencer cannot be helping.  That’s right, since her last update, Spencer hasn’t gone anywhere.

Rebecca will be furious when she reads this, but I am have been looking into ways to “help” a spirit leave their earthly plane.  And I keep being led to …an exorcism.  I know it is a scary thought — but it doesn’t have to be all gross and demonic —  Spencer is not a demon – it might be an easy fix.  Frankly, I don’t think Rebecca wants him to go. BTW- she never went to that psychic.  She promised that if the visits continue that she will go with me later this week.  I know an awesome psychic from England named Suzy (short for Suzanne).  She has worked as a professional medium for her church and is quite familiar with hauntings.  She is only in the States for 3 weeks — I am going to see her with or without Rebecca.  Other than Spencer, she may be able to help me with my father.

Now, back to Emery Wise.  He is finally due back in the office sometime this week.  He has supposedly been in San Francisco this whole time — but I question this.  No sign of Helen in HR either.  Luke and I have poked around and there is no sign of her anywhere.  Our next step is to go to the police – but we are waiting to see if she returns when Emery returns.  They did disappear around the same time.

Luke and I have a “date” tonight — I promised to not talk about my father for just one night.  We’ll see how it goes…

More later.

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Part 2: Entry 4 Dragging Hours and Bodies…

Rebecca, here.

Spencer Lively.  Spencer Lively.  Spencer Lively.

He has been at my side and inside my mind since I had drinks with Tad Brookling over a week ago.  It started at the bar.  Mr. Brookling  had invited me out to drinks to try and convince me to come to his company.  He has given me several offers but I cannot leave here.  Defeating Emery Wise…or at least trying to is more important than my petty ambitions.

Back to my evening out…I was at the bar with Mr. Brookling.  We were in a small booth – away from the main foot traffic.  He made a compelling case.  Part of me really wished I could just accept the offer.  After I had very politely agreed to think about it, Mr. Brookling started behaving in a less composed manner.  I did not know if it was the drinks or something else.  He moved closer to me at the table and began to comment on my appearance in a way that would be consistent with a suitor.  I was uncomfortable with the change in dynamic.  It was then that I excused myself to the bathroom.

In the hallway leading to the bathroom – I noticed a huge puddle.  It was very dark in the hall and it had been raining – so I did not think too much about it.  However, I still went out of my way not to step in it.

I stepped into the bathroom and had to stifle a scream.  Standing by the sink staring at me was Spencer Lively.  He looked the same as before- except maybe a slight bit more translucent.  He stared at me with his kind, soulful eyes.   It made it easy for me to ignore the half of his face that seemed to be sliding off.  He put his hand to his chest.  I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me.  He walked towards me with his arms outstretched.  And proceeded to walk right through me.

I have not been able to think clearly since.  I see him out of the corner of my eye – almost constantly.  I can smell his cologne – I can feel him sitting next to me when no one is there.  When I close my eyes I can see him as a child – as a teenager – as a young adult.  He is vibrant and loving and alive.  I need to constantly remind myself that he is indeed dead.

And in case you were wondering – I came out of the bathroom dazed and I barely remember anything else about that evening.  I remember Mr. Brookling made a pass at me – which I managed to deflect in a manner that was not too embarrassing for either of us.  I do not believe I will be hearing from Mr. Brookling again, though.

The days have been long and unproductive.  I have been making errors and I do not know what to do about it.  Mel has suggested that I see a psychic to get advice on my situation.  This is a very unattractive option.  I have a general suspicion about “psychics” — and an even broader suspicion of someone who gets paid for work that cannot be quantified or qualified.  However, my world lately has not been the most sensical – so I made an appointment with a local  “psychic”.  I will let you know how it goes.

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Part 2: Entry 3 New Job Opportunities and Insomnia…

Rebecca, here.

I consider myself a healthy woman.  I exercise, eat healthy and take vitamins.  I had that scare awhile back, but other than that I think I can safely say I come from hearty stalk.  Today, however, I feel tired.  And although this may sound strange, I feel that the tiredness is aggressive in its nature.  It seems somewhat anachronistic for tiredness to feel aggressive, but that is how I am describing it.  It is not normal.  I may look into Da Vinci sleep.  I tried it my freshman year in college – without success, but maybe I am more disciplined now.  However, figuring out a way for a 20 or 30 minute rest at work may prove difficult.

Since Mel came back things around the office have been very quiet.  In fact very little of note has happened in the past few weeks.  Except for two notable disappearances.  Emery has been out.  Helen in HR has been out of the office as well.  I think something may have happened to her.  Luke and Mel went to her apartment to check on her.  She wasn’t there.  They spoke to some of her neighbors who said they hadn’t seen her in a few days.  They thought maybe she had said something about visiting her mother in Pittsburgh.

Helen’s mother is dead.

As for Emery, apparently he is in San Francisco meeting with a potential client.  As far as I can tell it is legitimate.  But of course – anything having to do with Emery is suspicious.  Especially if we are to believe what Mel’s father said about Emery NEVER leaving the building.  Which, does not seem plausible to me.  I hate to question Mel’s father, but the man has been living around this building for months, we do not know what kind of shape he is in mentally.  And as much as I hate to questions Mel’s story, I am not sure that Mel was completely aware during her time away from us.

Some interesting news – that at any other time in my life – would be my front page news.  Tad Brookling flew out to Austin to give me another job offer.  And not just any job, the Director of Accounts job.  I would be reporting directly to Mr. Brookling himself.   I am meeting him for drinks tonight to discuss.  It is always difficult to turn down a drink request – not because I drink, because in fact I barely drink, – but because “let’s get a drink” is meant to sound brief and easy and something which would be ridiculous  to turn down.  Which is why the obligatory “drink business meeting” is always awkward to me.  I am not comfortable having more than half of a drink and I do not like bars in general.

Not to get too familiar, but I feel like I can be of better use both professionally and in other arenas if I learn to open up a little bit.  However, as I look at the clock, I realize that now is not the time to prattle on about my personal life.

As a stark juxtaposition to things calming down at work (in a paranormal sense), things have been getting  odd at home.  It has been hard to sleep.  The other night I woke up to a clammy hand holding mine – I looked over to see Esme Freem laying next to me smiling.  Then I woke up again.  Of course it was a dream, but it did not feel like a dream.  It took some warm milk and a few infomercials to get me back to sleep.  A few nights before that I woke up to the water dripping in my kitchen faucet —  when I tightened the faucet it stopped dripping instantly.  But a few minutes after I was in bed it started again.  I finally just shut the door to the bathroom and ignored it — even though I was angry to be wasting water under our mandatory water restrictions.  I do not want to be part of the problem.

There have been other things as well.  Things that I cannot get into too much detail with.  At least not yet.  I need a clearer picture of things first.  Needless to say – there is something in my home.

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Part 2: Entry #2 Mel’s Story and then some…

Mel, here.

Things have been a little tough lately.  I have been so focused on finding my father I am afraid I am losing it.  Rebecca keeps telling me that if I recount all of the details it will help trigger something in my brain — that could potentially help us.

I am out of other ideas – so here goes.

So my dad and I are trapped in the eyeball room and sharing strategies and notes.  It was awesome.  We were never really close…I was a girl and my father really loved his son.  In his defense I didn’t try very hard.  I liked being with my mom in the kitchen and learning to cook and other “girly” things.  I wasn’t into hunting or fishing stuff.  Anyway…I liked bonding with him.  It made me wonder where we would have been if Emery Wise had never come into our lives.  Would I be thinking about college? Would I be shopping with my mom for a wedding dress?  And I know some of you are going to gasp, “wedding dress?!”  I am from Gudders, Kentucky.  People marry young there.  There wasn’t much else to do.  Now…not even that.

Back to the facts; Emery Wise never leaves the building.  Never.  According to my father he simply goes from one section of the building to another.  Now, this is where it gets weird – Emery travels through the building.

And let me elaborate a little on that … Emery will  be in a space and disappear out of that space only to reappear moments later.  He said he thinks it has something to do with the goo puddles.  I would have started questioning how clear in the head my father was at this point – if I hadn’t seemingly just fallen sideways through a wall to get into the eyeball room.  Just thinking about this stuff gives me a headache.

Does the goo simply allow Emery (and maybe people) to walk through walls?  Then why is the goo on the floor not the walls?  Rebecca has been working on the science end of it for the last few weeks and refuses to give me any update until she has some form of a reasonable explanation.  She said it was through some “trick” that she had “fallen” through the floor and ended up with me and Esme in the bathroom.

I am still confused on how my father stayed invisible to Emery and the rest of the building staff for so long.  He did not have a reasonable explanation.  I had to put up with the lame “I did what I needed to do” excuse.  What does that mean anyway?  Men…

This is where things get hazy.

It started with this smell.  Musty, then salty — then like something was burning.  The room went dark. Really dark.  I heard my father call my name, but he was far away.  Then it was bright — I was in the bathroom and my father was gone!  I looked in the mirror and could see Rebecca and Esme.  I remember a wave of cold liquid hitting me, then I woke up at Rebecca’s apartment.

That’s it.  That’s all I got.  And I do not think any of that will help me find my dad again! Frak!

Time to shower and then work.  Late shift tonight.  I hope Rebecca comes up with something.

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Part 2: Entry #1 Mel’s Story…

Mel, here.

Where to begin.  It has been a few weeks since the last update.  Obviously, I am back.  And I have a new mission, to find my father.  He is somewhere in the building – I just need to find the right combination to get to him.

I am getting ahead of myself.  I had better go back to the afternoon that I disappeared.

As most of you probably remember Luke and I were exploring the north tower – when Esme attacked me and I somehow got locked in that room.  What I remember was Esme being absurdly strong and yanking me by my ponytail down the hall — then I fell through one of the goo puddles — but instead of falling down I fell…sideways.  I know it is NOT possible,  but that is exactly what happened.  I was very disoriented but I knew immediately where I was – the “eyeball” room.

Then I was greeted by my father.

He was filthy – covered in dirt, grime and sweat.  His eyes bugged out of his head when he saw me — as I am sure mine did as well — then there was a moment of mutual recognition — it had been years since we have seen each other.  Then the real test — the hug.  He was real!  Even underneath all of the grime I recognized his smell – faint creosote – it was my dad!

I cried for just a second until I fell back in line.   I didn’t want to disappoint my father with tears.  I heard a faint knocking in the room – I remembered Luke!  I tried to open the door and called to him – but it was no use.  My father told me as much.  After giving up on getting out of the eyeball room — I slowly came back to the reality before me -I was locked in a room with my father — a man I feared dead for years.  It was time to find out what the hell happened.

I asked him where he had been all of these years and he said that he had been tracking Emery Wise.  I wanted to ask why he left me — why he never came back for me…but I couldn’t find the nerve.  I felt like a kid – bowing my head, unable to look him in the eye.  There was so much that I was thinking… I wanted to kick him for leaving me — for letting me think he was dead — and then I just wanted him to hold me and tell me that he was going to kill the monster and we could be a family again.  What happened next — I wasn’t really prepared for.  He yelled at me!

“What was I doing there!”

“Didn’t I know I was in danger?”

“What the hell was I thinking?”

etc. etc…

Well — it was around this time that I snapped out of my silent fear/reverence of my father – and I told him to shut his mouth and help find a way out of there.

His jaw dropped.  Then he was quiet a moment.  Then he laughed and hugged me again.

It was all very disconcerting, but ultimately we were able to work together after that.  He told me the things that he had learned.  I told him about Rebecca and the things that we had discovered.  It was sort of like putting two pieces of a map together and things were starting to make sense.

More details later.  Have some work to do.

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#25 Heroes and Well-Earned PTO

Rebecca, here.  I am home today.  I can work over the weekend, if need be.  Right now, I need to write about the extraordinary events of the last two days.  And I am sure those of you who have been following are eager to know about Mel.

Let me start at where I left off.  Luke and I both stayed at the office until 10 pm.  Then he left and I followed about 15 minutes later.  We met in the north tower.  There was still a puddle of goo on the floor in the hall, right where Luke had said it was.  We were careful not to disturb it.  I went up to the door and put my ear to it.  There was just silence in the room.  It was then that I remembered something – when I had been in the room previously, to gain entrance I knocked three times.  I nervously did so again.

The door swung open.

Standing right in front of the desk was Spencer Lively.  I gasped.  He was just how Mel had previously described him, solid and ghostly in the same way.  His handsome face was half gone and had a quality, not unlike a jell-o mold.  I could feel my heart sink as I saw him standing there.  Luke followed me in and reacted in the worst possible way – he screamed.  Like  a banshee.  I covered his mouth — but I am afraid the damage was done.  I could hear footsteps down the hall.  Someone was onto us.

Before I could react – Spencer spoke, “Close the door.  They will not be able to get in.”

I should note that it is generous of me to describe his language as sounding remotely fluent.  I could barely discern his vowels as he tried to speak, but his intention was clear.

Luke had finally recovered and was trying to move furniture in front of the door.  But, as soon as he had put a piece of furniture in front of the door, it would disappear – only to be returned to its original position (as if it had never been moved).  I watched in fascination as he tried again and again to barricade the door.  Finally, I put my hand on his shoulder.  I let him know that what he was trying to do was obviously not working and to stop.  It was quite an interesting phenomenon – if I wasn’t focused on other things – I would go into much greater detail about it.

Once I had Luke’s attention again — we turned to Spencer who looked like he was grinning.  I could not really tell.  But his eyes looked happy.  Sad and happy at the same time, if that makes sense.  I held his gaze for a moment.  I could see beyond his injuries – and just see him.  He was a beautiful man.  Luke broke me out of my moment with Spencer.

“Mel!  Where is Mel?”

Suddenly there was a violent banging on the door.  Soon something curious happened, as the banging went on, it got softer and softer until it dissipated entirely.  Finally in a matter of a minute (give or take 15 seconds) – the noise stopped altogether.    Spencer motioned for us to follow him – he moved through the door.  I was reluctant to go out into the hall afraid of what I might find, but I trusted Spencer.  Luke followed slowly behind me.

The hall was empty, there was no sign of the guards.  The large puddle of goo was still there.  Spencer motioned to it.

Spencer walked to it and stepped in.  Then he disappeared.  Luke and I looked at each other – what should we do?  Only one thing to do.  I stepped in first.  There was a huge gust of wind – I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in the restroom.  Luke was nowhere to be found and neither was Spencer.  But I did see a familiar face, Esme Freem.

Esme was brushing what was left of her hair.  There was no disguising the huge gaping sores on her scalp or the creatures that looked like worms, writhing around on her head.  I swallowed hard.

“Hello, Esme.”

No reaction.

I had to think about this.  I did not want a repeat of Mel’s violent encounter.  Esme was the one who took Mel.  I needed her to get Mel back for me.

Esme had put the brush down and was now applying that familiar dark red lipstick.

“You look lovely, Esme.”

At this she looked up.  She hesitated before an unnaturally large grin stretched across her skeletal face.

When I looked back at the mirror – I saw Mel in it!  (To clarify — Mel was only visible in the mirror — not in the bathroom.)  Esme looked shocked to see her too.  She opened her mouth and let out a piercing scream.  And now I understand Mel’s initial description, the noise was not unlike an air-raid siren.  The mirror started to shake and finally it shattered.  Along with the glass, a wave of dark heavy liquid came with it.  Esme disappeared and Mel was suddenly on the floor next to me.  Unconscious and covered in that goo.

I pulled her out of the bathroom and walked down the hall — not quite sure where to go.  I called to Luke.  I heard running down the hall.  Fear got the best of me.  I clutched Mel tightly – I would not let them get her again.  Luke came out from around the corner.

He ran to her and lifted her into his arms.  It was sweet, really.  I followed him down the hall, he said he knew a way out.  He pulled out a key and we entered the freight elevator and were able to get to the garage, seemingly unnoticed.

*Just something to note — when we got to the garage 15 hours had passed.  I am at a loss to explain it – but I will revisit it later.

We came back to my apartment and I washed all the goo off of Mel and myself.  She was breathing, but still not conscious.  She remained this way for about another 30 minutes, when finally her eyes flew open.

She stared at me and then a Luke for a moment.

She said just one thing before falling asleep.

“He’s alive.  My father is alive.”

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#24 Finding Mel…

Rebecca, here.  Luke has surprised me and has proved himself to be an ally, despite my initial hesitation regarding his intentions and character.  After we pulled over and went through his story over and over, I decided the best course of action was to get Luke cleaned up and get back to work.  In the office we can get more searching done and at least now we had a place to start.

After Luke cleaned himself off and I removed the sword from under my skirt, we returned to work.  I decided that would be the most beneficial way to search for Mel.  One of us could keep an eye  on Emery Wise, while the other went to the north tower.  Luke has good instincts.  He is undoubtedly more clever than I had initially thought.

Luke tried a methodical approach to getting through the door.  Thanks to his previous experience we knew that thrusting his body against the door would not do any good.  This time he went armed with an amateur lock pick and a set of keys that Mel had been able to previously “borrow” from the cleaning crew.  We were working the mid-shift – so the afternoon passed quickly into the evening.  There was a surprise all-hands meeting – that proved a close call, but I was able to get to Luke to tell him about the meeting before he missed it.

The meeting was just what I thought -nothing more than a roll call.  Emery Wise wanted to see who was there.  Helen from HR was obviously counting people and taking names.  Helen’s presence of mind had been deteriorating for weeks.  At one time she was a force to be reckoned with, if you disobeyed the rules prescribed by the company you had to deal with Helen’s wrath.  I respected her strength and work ethic.  She was not one to be trifled with.  This was not true anymore.  Now, she could hardly match her shoes or brush her hair.  Something needed to be done for Helen.  However, I digress, only finding Mel matters.

After the meeting, as I was leaving Emery Wise asked that I follow him to his office.  I could tell Luke was anxious.  He didn’t know what he should do – I motioned (subtly) for him to go.

Emery was uncharacteristically nervous when alone with me.  I felt a surge of confidence as I felt him grow smaller after the others left.  He had a tick – he couldn’t stop licking his lips.  I had a hard time looking at him, it was quite revolting.  However, I knew if I looked away I would give him the upper hand.

He asked about Mel.  I froze.  What kind of game was this?  He said that he had noticed that she had not been in the office all week.  He said he was concerned.

Holding myself back from striking him madly with his desk lamp, was difficult.  Instead, I took a deep breath and told him that I believed her ill.  I asked if Helen in HR had reported hearing from her.  Emery Wise grinned at this.  A twisted angry grin.  It was never so clear that he wanted to harm me.  I turned the questions on him.  Doesn’t “he” have control of his staff?  Of his minions?

It was then that I saw part of the monster.  He licked his lips more feverishly and I saw his eyeballs roll back in his head.  He quickly turned his back to me and dismissed me.  I could hear gurgling noises as I left.

Luke was waiting for me.  He found something.

We have a plan now.  We will get into that room tonight, one way or another.

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#23 Luke’s Story

This is Luke.

Mel is the most exciting girl I have ever met and I am crazy about her.  Despite what some of you may be thinking — it wasn’t me!  I would never hurt Mel.  I’m not succumbing to madness and I’m now committed to ridding the world of Emery Wise.

Let me get to the story.

Mel and I followed Emery to the north tower.  We were careful not to let him see us.  We were following from a comfortable distance.  Emery disappeared around a corner – when we caught up to that corner – we peeked around and he was gone, as if he had never been there.  There was just a huge goo puddle on the floor.  Mel got a little closer to it, when suddenly a terrifying woman materialized from the goo.  Not quite sure if I explained that correctly…there was a puddle of goo and suddenly there was a woman standing in the middle of it.  I knew from Mel and Rebecca’s past blogs who this woman was — her white hair, long frail frame and dark lipstick made it obvious.  Esme Freem.

She jumped toward Mel and grabbed her by her ponytail.  I tried to help – but that woman was strong!  She pushed me back against the wall, hard.  I hit my head and was momentarily dazed.  Before I could fully recover — Esme was dragging Mel down the hall and pulled her into a room.  I recovered as quickly as I could – but when I got to the door — it was locked.  I could hear Mel screaming — I threw myself against the door over and over – but I think I broke a rib – not the lock.

The screaming stopped and I saw a man walking quickly toward me down the hall.  I didn’t recognize him.  He was moving too fast.  He had on a uniform – it was a Security Guard.  At first I was relieved – maybe he could help me with the door.  As he got closer – I knew I was wrong.

The next part is kind of a blur.  I heard Mel in the room saying that Esme was gone, but the door wouldn’t open.  I then heard a male voice in the room.  Did Emery have Mel?!  I didn’t have time to react.  The security guard picked me up – and as far as fights go – I didn’t hold my own.  I remember him smashing my face in the goo – and then the next thing I know I am falling into a trash dump in the garage.  And that is when I saw Rebecca.

I’m ashamed.  I couldn’t protect Mel or myself.  I want a sword, too.  Or maybe a gun.  I promise that I will help get Mel back.  A girl that cool is hard to find.  She has to be okay.

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#22 Desperate Times…

Rebecca, here.  Mel is still missing.  I have not heard a word from her.  It is always under these conditions of great peril, that we discover who our true friends are.

Since Mel has been missing, I have not been able to think.  It is like a veil of panic has enveloped my thoughts and reason.  Panic is uncommon to me.  I generally get more focused when the stakes are raised — but this is Mel.  This is my partner, my family.  I was alone before Mel.  I do not know if I will be able to fight Emery Wise without her.  I do not know if I will be able to …this is not beneficial.

Back to this morning.  Rage crept inside me – filling my gut and my head.  I left home with a silver bladed sword in my hand and only vengeance in my heart.  I sat in the parking garage planning my strategy — how would I get the sword past the guards?  How would I get to Emery’s office ?  How do I know if Mel is even alive?  As I sheathed the sword and taped it to my leg under my skirt (more than a bit unwieldy – I might add)– Bang!  I looked up to see a bloody and beaten Luke – frantically pounding on my windshield.

I froze for only a second – it was clear he needed help.  I unlocked the back passenger side door.  He jumped in and locked the door.  His eyes were wild and he had blood dripping from his mouth.

“Drive,”  was all he said.

And I did just that.

When I was about 2 blocks from the building I pulled into a back parking lot.

I asked just one question.

“Where is Mel?”

He broke down in tears.  His words were barely audible above the sobbing.  I did my best to calm him.  30 minutes and countless assurances and tissues later – I was able to ascertain the following: Mel had been with Luke when she disappeared.

He had discovered our blog quite awhile ago and had been doing his own independent research on Emery Wise – mainly for the purpose of impressing Mel (whom he seemed to believe was maybe crazy, but overwhelmingly attractive to him).  Well, he was shocked when in his own research he discovered some things which he could not explain.  Mel, unbeknown to me, did have a coffee date with him in which they discussed their mutual findings.  On Thursday afternoon -Luke overheard Emery Wise discussing having Mel watched.  He did not see who he was talking to and was quite sure that Emery was in the room alone.  Mel, impulsive like she is, decided to follow Emery Wise.  Luke came with her.

I should let Luke tell you what happened in his own words.

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